Meet Joel

With A Smartphone + 120 Seconds Of Your Time, We’re Celebrating YOU!

We were pretty excited when we met Joel.

He had very interesting thoughts on style and confidence.  Here’s what he shared with us.

What does style mean to you?

Joel: Style is largely personal. It’s what it means to you. It’s what you’re comfortable in and what resonates with you most. Fashions and trends are dictated to us but style is your interpretation of it.

What speaks most to you?

Joel: Unisex items.  I don’t really believe in gendered clothing.



We love your glasses. Are they a signature accessory for you?

Joel: I just started wearing glasses a few months ago. I thought that if I have to wear them, I might as well go big! They just bring everything else together for me. It brings my style identity together.

What does confidence mean to you?

Joel: I don’t care what other people think really. I find that dressing for me makes me happy. Poeple resonate with those who embrace how they look vs. those who are uncomfortable in their clothing.

It’s strange actually if you don’t believe in yourself. Others might not agree with you, but how to dress or present yourself is up to you. It’s really your own opinion.


I just heard that you make some of your own clothes. What do you like to design and make?

Joel: I like to make kimono inspired jackets a lot of the time and wear them over layers. Similar to what I’m wearing but with big sleeves.

I like to see how garments naturally distress and wear over the course of their life. How seaming frays is interesting. Garments then develop character.


What brings a smile to your face?

Joel: People who don’t care what others think. My favourite blog is Advanced Style– the one with older women.  Any older women that come into the store [Mayfair Shoes] and wants to try on the craziest pair of shoes, makes me happy. When an 80 year old woman tries on these shoes [the ones in his hand], well, that’s awesome.

What words would you use to describe you and what you’re about?

Joel: Independent, creative, abstract.


Wow, right? Joel is part of the @MayfairShoes team.  Go find him and let him sell you fabulous shoes!