Mommy Connections: Reclaim Your Style & Confidence Post Baby With Style Ivy

Kirsti Stubbs over at Mommy Connections completed Style Foundations and she goes through the journey that we want everyone to experience! Read all about her experience!

“As I get ready to return to the workforce after 4 years and 2 babies, I realized that my body has changed. My lifestyle has changed. What I like has changed. Insert STYLE IVY, a dream come true for many women in my shoes.”








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The New Family: Why Personal Style Is Serious Business For Moms

Unique new online course, Style Ivy, helps women regain confidence returning from maternity leave, going for the promotion or even re-entering the dating scene” 

This article addresses an issue that women consistently face- personal style. Women experience many changes when they become mothers, when they return to the workforce, when they lose weight. Author, Brandi Weikle, talks about how Style Foundations can help you regain your confidence!

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