We believe that, with the right skills and tools, everybody can achieve a personal style that enables them to put their best foot forward – each and every day.

deco-rightForMeLadies, do you ever look longingly at women who look stylish and put-together and think:

  • How does she do that?
  • Why can’t I look that fabulous?
  • She must spend hours shopping on herself. I don’t have THAT kind of time.
  • She looks effortlessly amazing.
  • She must be successful.
  • She looks so confident.

I know you’re sitting there nodding.

Enter, Style Foundations.

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Now, we know you understand that appearance and presence says a lot about who you are and what you are about.

Whether you’re working towards that big promotion, starting your career, returning to the workforce, looking for a partner or spouse, or wanting to achieve a greater sense of confidence, Style Foundations is for you.

Our foundational (‘scuse the pun) e-course has been designed with you in mind. We aim to motivate, inspire, and guide you to develop a personal action plan through our self-paced, interactive approach. Whether you’re looking to:

  • Build a professional wardrobe that is flattering, appropriate, and stylish
  • Learn how to dress for your body type (and not the body you wish you had) or
  • Properly (once-and-for-all) do a complete closet assessment

Regardless of your motivations, you want to look and feel better about you – each and every day.

Look, you may not be at your “ideal weight” or you may feel that you just don’t have a big enough budget to look stylish; you may feel that you just don’t know what your style is. Guess what? We’ve heard it all.

These are poor excuses.

You deserve to look and feel fabulous. Right now.

Style Foundations aims to teach you key style essentials on how to look great each and every day… so that you can be the envy of all those around YOU!

Let us teach you how.

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