Style + Personal Branding = Lazina Mckenzie

Five years ago, Lazina founded L Squared Style, a boutique consultancy that coaches organizations and individuals on the importance of having a polished, professional image and purposeful, dynamic personal brand.

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deco-contactLazina thrives on working with people to help each and every one of them feel more confident and empowered, and yes, stylish.

She does this by making them look and feel their absolute best. She lives by her personal mandate of helping people help themselves. At heart, Lazina is a coach. She is her clients’ greatest cheerleader. She wants them – all of them – to succeed.

Lazina has worked with small to large companies.

She’s regularly featured in the media.

Yes, she has the credentials, but she is most rewarded and inspired though by everyday people who just want to feel more confident and have a greater level of self esteem.

Now, through Style Ivy, Lazina’s expertise is accessible to everyone!

Her first program, Style Foundations, teaches women, everywhere, the building blocks to having a personal style that truly reflects them.

Lazina wants to help you. Help you to get ahead. Help you uncover greater confidence. Help you realize and believe in your awesomeness.

This is your time. Let’s get started.

Lazina helped me find a style that makes me feel confident in both my personal and professional lives. She helped me pick out pieces I wouldn’t have seen on my own and put them together in a way that is uniquely me!

Cheryl D., Successfully Styling